Living room decor ideas

Rethink pink

Pink is still a huge interiors trend! Layer soft rose with grey, choose a classic sofa as the room's focal point and introduce pattern with decorative cushions and a rug. Contrast the soft colours with a statement floor lamp and coffee table.

Opposites attract

Vintage sofas bring an elegant feel in a Victorian home. Promote a sense of intimacy in an open-plan or big room by arranging to seat around a coffee table with a rug beneath. The aim is to create a cosy zone within the space.

Make it cosy

Toning grey walls teamed with upcycled furniture and vintage finds give this living room a cosy feel.

Kitchen design ideas

Add a Pop of Color

Utilitarian does not have to mean boring. Try incorporating a pop of colour or two into an otherwise muted colour palette for a revamped kitchen design that feels fresh and modern.

Add Open Shelving

If you own serveware that deserves to be showcased, choose open shelving in place of closed cabinets. Open shelving creates the illusion of expanded space and can be used to display appealing plates, winsome red stems, and magnificent mugs.

Go Au Naturale with Accents

If natural elements improve your mood (and science says they do), bring the outdoors inside with lush tropical plants, rough-hewn wooden furniture, and eco-friendly accents.

Tips for designing your home

  • 01

    Do Your Home Design Homework

    You must first decide what type of home to build. House styles today are as varied as those who live in them, offering you a banquet of ideas from which to borrow.

  • 02

    Create Your Home Design List

    When creating a list of criteria for your home design, start with the basics: the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the number of family areas, the choice between a formal dining room or a more open, community eating area, porch or deck styles for your home s entrances and the size of your garage.

  • 03

    Design to Fit Your Plot

    Your land is unique; each plot has assets and challenges. Keep these in mind while creating your home design.

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